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June 20, 2011 / universalthinker

Preparing and sitting for the Zend PHP 5.3 Exam

Well after passing the ZCE exam, a LOT of people were e-mailing me asking on how to prepare for the exam or how to learn the basics and everything. So I just thought that I’ll write a blog about it and share it with everyone. Learning PHP wasn’t that hard for me because I used to work with a more complicated languages before – C and C++. 2 years back when I moved on to PHP from C/C++, it seemed to be easy for me because I already had much idea on programming concepts and PHP syntax is VERY much similar to C. But well, for beginners, I’d recommend that they should start exploring the web on PHP.

To begin with the basics, the BEST place to learn PHP will be A complete newbie will certainly face a lot of problems while learning PHP. Well I’d recommend that before PHP, one should complete the HTML, then CSS and then Javascript tutorials first. Otherwise, learning PHP would not be much meaningful. All of these tutorials can be found in that site. In many many places, you will surely face problems, and if you do, don’t hesitate to Google for it! Google is always a programmer’s best friend (something Mr.Hasin Hayder told me). After finishing the tutorials in W3Schools, one should be able to write small PHP apps and create dynamic websites too! I’d recommend that after learning the basics, one should try hitting on a project first. Any sort of idea/website can be made. Whenever there’s a problem Google it and find a solution. And slowly gain more and more knowledge on PHP from the web.

In the climax stage of learning the PHP language for Zend PHP 5.3 Exam, I’d say, one has to read the book “Architect’s Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide”. This is the only book that I found to profound the PHP language and present everything in great detail so that things can be understood more and more easily. But this won’t be enough while sitting for the Zend PHP 5.3 Exam. In that case another book is very important – “Zend PHP 5.3 Certification Study Guide”. But, unfortunately, this book does not provide much detail on any part of the language. Instead it acts as a very short reference to nearly all small elements of the PHP language. And there are a lot of questions (with answers) which can/should be solved to test one’s understanding of PHP so far. If someone is stuck in ANY part of the language, Google is again the biggest help!

After you think that you’re ready and can sit for this exam, I’d recommend buy the PHP Exam Voucher from via Paypal or any international credit card. If not possible then you can buy a voucher from any of the popular testing centers in Bangladesh that supports Pearson VUE exams. The best place for buying/giving the exam according to be is the New Horizon Learning Center in Bangladesh. I, myself gave my exam there along with many other people including the first-ever ZCE in Bangladesh – Mr.Hasin Hayder.

Benefits – One question that many people ask is that what are the benefits of being a ZCE. Well I’d say many! For example – I, myself, got a very interesting job with very much satisfactory facilities within 1-2 weeks after I became a ZCE. Other then that, you’re name gets listed in the PHP Yellowpages and you can join the LinkedIn community for ZCEs. By being a ZCE, you can prove that you’re fully-skilled to develop PHP web applications and will get recognized internationally. Right now there are about 7,500 ZCEs all over the globe. Might sound a lot, but it isn’t because the exams started back in 2004. In Bangladesh, from the year 2006 till now there are only 34 ZCEs all over the country!

I hope this article will help you atleast a bit in learning/knowing more about PHP and will be more useful than it will be irritation. Thanks!

June 7, 2011 / universalthinker

First day at work!

7th June 2011, today, is one my life’s most memorable days. Today, I joined my life’s fist job at Tasawr Interactive. I work here as a PHP developer. Somehow, I tend to be the youngest programmer here and the first day always goes weird. It was a very new experience for me. I had to work as a team, with a team and for a team. I was pretty much nervous about whether or not I could do what I was expected to do properly. Well the tension still remains, but one thing that I’d like to say is that I got  to learn a “lot” of new things today.

I arrived at 10.56am in the morning when there were a few people working in their PCs. I went inside the room and grabbed a seat. I turned on my laptop and beginned my day by playing the game “Pro Evolution Soccer”. Mr.Mohsin Biswas, the in-charge here, arrived shortly. He introduced me to the rest of the team. I met a lot of new people. I felt nervous but at the same time excited too. Then I had to work with Mr.Rizwan Kader in my present project. He gave me the source and a few guidelines about the project. I began studying the code. Overally I got to learn a LOT of new things from the code itself. Well, being the first day I didn’t have much to do; the only thing I had to do today is to explore!

I like a lot of things about the job. Firstly, its a job related to y favorite programming language – PHP! Secondly, I get to work with a lot of experienced people in this area and hence I will get to know, learn and explore a lot of things. Lastly, everyone here is VERY friendly and the environment is very calm – perfect for working!

May 30, 2011 / universalthinker

Zend Certified Engineer on PHP

I have been using PHP to develop web applications since the past 4 years. Well for those of you who don’t know what PHP is, it is a programming language used to create dynamic websites like Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Even WordPress is created using PHP! In my I.T. career since 2006-07 I’ve worked with MANY different programming languages including C, C++, C#, JAVA, Visual Basic, etc. But the only language that satisfied me the most and I loved to work with was none other than PHP.

Zend – After its creation by Rasmus Ledorf, PHP was expanded and brought to what it is now by the PHP company which is known as Zend. They provide PHP programmers with certifications that are intended to prove that someone is fully qualified to program PHP applications. This certification is known as Zend PHP Certification. Since the current latest version of PHP is PHP 5.3, the certification is also on this version. One who passes the exam is known as a Zend Certified Engineer or ZCE. This began back in 2004. Hasin Hayder from Bangladesh became the first ZCE of the country and after that 33 people followed him, 1 of whom includes me.

Becoming a ZCE – I always wanted to become a ZCE back since 2009 but I never took it seriously. Later this year, I decided that I will sit for the exams and give it my best shot. I started reading the study guide and taking my preparation for the exam. Well, I was successful! On 28th May 2011 i sat for the exams in New Horizons Learning Center and succeeded to become a ZCE; actually the world’s youngest one. The people who had the most credit in me becoming a ZCE were my parents. Without their support it wouldn’t have been possible. After my parents it was Mr.Hasin Hayder who had always supported me through all the difficulties I faced. In fact, it was him who had inspired me to become a ZCE. Saif and Motasim, my two awesome friends were very much supportive and always encouraged me in all I did. So my love goes to all of them.

What’s next? Well, I am confused! I don’t know what to do. I’ll try starting freelancing jobs and I’ll also try developing some useful applications for the mass people out there in the internet. And well, I am always heading towards my dream of standing beside people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates one day. I don’t know if I will ever succeed, but it doesn’t harm trying; does it? 😉

August 30, 2010 / universalthinker

My love – AJAX

Ahh, I used to like coding in javascript. It allows us to add a “real-time” effect to our application. This gives the users a feel that yes, we’re updated. When I personally browse a site, I usually feel annoying when the entire page loads. But recently I’ve came around sites like PageFlakes and Xpressers where most or all of the site is built on AJAX and jQuery. After that I’d always say Javascript and AJAX are my “love” 😀 .

AJAX coding can sometimes be annoying, but trust me it’s efficient and secured. You can use AJAX to load any data from your own site by using a separate PHP script. This allows you to keep the user focused on one single page, and prevents the browser from loading the whole page again. This also reduces bandwidth usage 🙂 . So, I’d always prefer to go to AJAX when you can. In some places AJAX can be a burden, but for the rest – ‘My love – AJAX’! 😀 😀

February 1, 2010 / universalthinker


Facebook is a social networking website which lets us share and connect with the world!

Now-a-days, nearly everyone of us have a Facebook account! Facebook has become part of most of our lives! Many of my friends can’t live without Facebook! Young generation just got addicted to Facebook! Facebook is a very good and useful site. But people are misusing it as well!

Facebook is built for fast communication with friends and relatives. It’s not built for spending hours after hours in the PC with no outcome. It is a good method of communication. But, people use it to pass time, play games, etc. These are leading to problems in personal as well as professional life of many people! Mark’s simple creation has become a major issue in the world! Huge companies run only by Facebook!!!

January 30, 2010 / universalthinker


PHP :  Hypertext Preprocessor and ASP .NET are the most popular progamming languages used in server sides.

PHP is prefered by many open-source and commercial website developers. Many popular open-source CMS softwares like Joomla! and WordPress run in this language. Besides, many popular web applications like JomSocial, Community Builder, CometChat and websites like Facebook run in this language. Even, my websites, and run on PHP.PHP is more like an embedded language used in HTML. Begins with the <?php tag and ends with ?> tag. Its C-like structure attract more and more web developers towards it. It also supports object-oriented programming. But, object-oriented programming is not a must in PHP. There are a wide variety of functions that can be used for programming tasks. For example to perform an HTTP Request we can use the HTTPResponse class, but it will be much easier if we use cURL(for GET and POST methods) or file_get_contents(only for GET method). Beside these, PHP also supports – File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Regular Expressions, Arrays, etc. programming methods and structures.

ASP(Active Server Pages) .NET is the scripting language from Microsoft.  ASP .NET has different server controls and events that are rendered to HTML in the server. Many different programming languages like C# and Visual Basic can be used in developing ASP .NET pages. As a product of Microsoft, nearly all the programming languages developed by Microsoft can be used in ASP .NET. This is a very big advantage! Then, most ASP .NET languages are object-oriented. Object-oriented programming lies as a must in those languages. Namespaces, classes, objects are the most important aspects. CMS softwares are also developed in this language. The most popular is .NET Nuke. Many popular websites like and run in this language. ASP .NET came as a revolutionary change in the web industry and was accepted by many many website developers over the world! Official site –

Truly speaking, I am not that much interested in ASP .NET. All I have is some basic knowledge on C#, Visual Basic and J#. But in the case of PHP, I love it!!!! I have been developing PHP applications for more than a year and trust me, it is the simplest and easiest, yet, very powerful and efficient programming language for the web. To learn PHP or ASP .NET , the basic place you should begin with should be, the best place for learning the basics of web development(on PHP,HTML,SQL,JavaScript,ASP.NET,Classical ASP,etc.).

January 28, 2010 / universalthinker

C++ in the new way

I am programming in C++ since 2007. Made many small projects like calculators, etc. and medium projects like Office Systems,etc. But never programmed visually. First time, I came to know about Visual C++ I thought I will try it later. But soon I forgot about it and began PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor). But then after Mr.Omi Azad(Microsoft MVP) insisted, I tried Visual C++. I enjoyed using it. In fact, it was one of the very best programming environments I ever tried. You do not need to design anything at all. All you do is focus on the code. And the code is very much familiar to me as I was working on C and C++-like languages from the ground up. In fact, PHP itself is similar to C and C++!!

In 2006, the year when I began my programming life, my main target was to create a complete operating system. I studied Visual Basic day and night until I came to know that C is mostly used in kernel development. After I learned that then and then I started exploring C! Slowly I moved on to C++. And later started making projects by C++.

Now, I am going to develop a new software, more like an Office management system using Microsoft’s vast technology – Visual Studio!!