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January 28, 2010 / universalthinker

C++ in the new way

I am programming in C++ since 2007. Made many small projects like calculators, etc. and medium projects like Office Systems,etc. But never programmed visually. First time, I came to know about Visual C++ I thought I will try it later. But soon I forgot about it and began PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor). But then after Mr.Omi Azad(Microsoft MVP) insisted, I tried Visual C++. I enjoyed using it. In fact, it was one of the very best programming environments I ever tried. You do not need to design anything at all. All you do is focus on the code. And the code is very much familiar to me as I was working on C and C++-like languages from the ground up. In fact, PHP itself is similar to C and C++!!

In 2006, the year when I began my programming life, my main target was to create a complete operating system. I studied Visual Basic day and night until I came to know that C is mostly used in kernel development. After I learned that then and then I started exploring C! Slowly I moved on to C++. And later started making projects by C++.

Now, I am going to develop a new software, more like an Office management system using Microsoft’s vast technology – Visual Studio!!


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