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January 30, 2010 / universalthinker


PHP :  Hypertext Preprocessor and ASP .NET are the most popular progamming languages used in server sides.

PHP is prefered by many open-source and commercial website developers. Many popular open-source CMS softwares like Joomla! and WordPress run in this language. Besides, many popular web applications like JomSocial, Community Builder, CometChat and websites like Facebook run in this language. Even, my websites, and run on PHP.PHP is more like an embedded language used in HTML. Begins with the <?php tag and ends with ?> tag. Its C-like structure attract more and more web developers towards it. It also supports object-oriented programming. But, object-oriented programming is not a must in PHP. There are a wide variety of functions that can be used for programming tasks. For example to perform an HTTP Request we can use the HTTPResponse class, but it will be much easier if we use cURL(for GET and POST methods) or file_get_contents(only for GET method). Beside these, PHP also supports – File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Regular Expressions, Arrays, etc. programming methods and structures.

ASP(Active Server Pages) .NET is the scripting language from Microsoft.  ASP .NET has different server controls and events that are rendered to HTML in the server. Many different programming languages like C# and Visual Basic can be used in developing ASP .NET pages. As a product of Microsoft, nearly all the programming languages developed by Microsoft can be used in ASP .NET. This is a very big advantage! Then, most ASP .NET languages are object-oriented. Object-oriented programming lies as a must in those languages. Namespaces, classes, objects are the most important aspects. CMS softwares are also developed in this language. The most popular is .NET Nuke. Many popular websites like and run in this language. ASP .NET came as a revolutionary change in the web industry and was accepted by many many website developers over the world! Official site –

Truly speaking, I am not that much interested in ASP .NET. All I have is some basic knowledge on C#, Visual Basic and J#. But in the case of PHP, I love it!!!! I have been developing PHP applications for more than a year and trust me, it is the simplest and easiest, yet, very powerful and efficient programming language for the web. To learn PHP or ASP .NET , the basic place you should begin with should be, the best place for learning the basics of web development(on PHP,HTML,SQL,JavaScript,ASP.NET,Classical ASP,etc.).



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  1. Eliseu / Apr 21 2010 4:27 pm

    I agree w/ everything you said. ASP .NET can be flexible with it’s own languages, portable between desktop/web, but the advantages of PHP are much bigger! Desktop softwares are going out, and web language is taking all the place, so, ASP has not enough capability to treat the web this very well. I go with you, PHP for the win (mainly with the help of a framework, like Code Igniter). C ya!

    • universalthinker / Aug 30 2010 8:28 am

      🙂 Yes! PHP for the win! Open-source always has some advantages!! 😀

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