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Here I am

About Me –

  1. I am Shehzad Noor Taus
  2. I am a computer programmer
  3. I love playing basketball
  4. I love junk food
  5. I’m the youngest ZCE of the world 😛
  6. I love to brag
  7. My life’s idols include Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg
  8. Yes, I do create websites
  9. Yes, at times I’m the biggest nerd
  10. I think I’m very lucky at the moment
  11. At times, I do have attitude problems
  12. I am happy about the fact that you’re wasting your time reading this
  13. I am happy to be who I am
  14. I am a Facebook-addict
  15. I don’t like reading story books!
  16. I don’t like Object Oriented Programming
  17. I love fancy moves in Basketball
  18. I love to watch NBA
  19. I support Miami Heat and LA Lakers
  20. I am a hardcore Argentina supporter
  21. I love watching AND1 videos
  22. Youtube and Google are my favourite websites
  23. My family and friends value the most to me
  24. People say I’m good in my school studies
  25. I hate my spectacles
  26. Memorizing is not my thing
  27. I use and love Qubee internet
  28. I study in the Aga Khan School, Dhaka
  29. I love deodorants
  30. I love Mathematics and Physics
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